About Caressa

My name is Caressa Milgrove; I am a mother of two, a student of Public Affairs, and a passionate Advocate for education.

For the last 10 years, I have been a proud resident of America's Vancouver. For the last 4 years, I have been a parent in Vancouver Public Schools.

While it is clear that Vancouver Public Schools are excellent and innovative places for our children to learn and grow, I believe that improvements can be made by better involving families and the community in the District's decisions.

I believe that communication, transparency, and community-focused priorities are exactly what is needed to soothe the relationship between the District and the Community after the challenges of the last year. Keeping that transparent communication open is important in order to assure the public that their dollars are being responsibly and efficiently spent.

I Support Our Educators

Our schools thrive when we employ qualified, dedicated teachers and support staff. We attract and keep those well qualified teachers by ensuring they are compensated and supported fairly.

My children and I have stood alongside their teachers, paraeducators, counselors, and clerks in the negotiations of the last year.

While I value the importance of responsible budgeting, a budget is a moral document that displays our priorities. As a School Board Director, my top priority will be ensuring that our children's needs are met first. To me, that means supporting those that work with them directly every day.

Real Work, Real Results

As a student of Public Affairs at Washington State University - Vancouver, I have learned the theoretical knowledge necessary to navigate the various levels of government involved in the funding and management of Public Education.

As an Advocate, I have used my voice to produce real results for our district.

When my son first started Kindergarten, I started to notice that he came home from school hungry every day, often with his lunch bag still full of food. I discovered that he was being given only 15 minutes for lunch, from start to finish.

Over the course of the last couple of years and with the help of my children at my side, we passed a bill through the state legislature that will help districts across the state create better lunchtime practices. This bill also comes with Grant Funding for districts selected to take part in the lunchtime pilot program. I have been informed that our district will be applying for this program. This demonstrates my ability to not only advocate for the changes our kids need, but also find sources of funding to responsibly make those changes happen.

As Your School Board Director, I will...

  • Be open, transparent, and accountable
  • Seek the community's input
  • Put the needs of our kids first
  • Work to increase the number of minutes dedicated to lunch and recess
  • Keep our district future-minded by promoting sustainable environmental practices
  • Work to ensure that our budget responsibly and fairly reflects our community's values
  • Continue to build on the reputation Vancouver Public Schools has for innovation and student achievement by expanding knowledge-based and project-based learning across the district.
  • Work together with other levels of state and local government, local businesses and organizations to improve efficiency and bring more resources and opportunities to our community.